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Each moment is an opportunity to exchange gifts, stories, learn about each others cultural values, build trust and establish connections that unite us.

"coolest thing about webaverse imo is that its completely open source and the people building it has been streaming their work since inception taking your mooncats on a walk in your meebit avatars while aping into uniswap shitcoin in a virtual trading pit is closer than u think"

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Building the Webaverse

After years of projects and experiments, we arrived at 5 major parts to create the most accessible, open, and immersive virtual world users can build and monetize with.


We don't want to just build a virtual world for our NFTs, we want to support NFTs to be operable in Webaverse from other contracts as well such as DCL, CV, Axies, etc.


Many of us are on Discord, so we should be able to control the metaverse from there.

We made a bot that lets you drop files to create NFTs, trade with one another, explore the ecosystem, and join multiplayer parties. Its a familiar interface that socializes and simplifies the Ethereum onboarding experience for everyone.


Avatars are the audio-visual representation of self. Currently they're 2D profile pages for billions of people, while new generations are growing up being used to 3D characters.


NFTs are the ingredients of the metaverse. They are unique digital objects that contain digital property rights to the stuff in your inventory.

The Ethereum blockchain acts like a public good that provides verifiable proof of ownership and provenance for these digital assets. With attribution and value baked in, NFTs open up a world of possibilities for creators to make money in the virtual economy.

The Street

What we need are the shipping networks and cross continental railways between virtual worlds for identities, ideas, and value to flow, so we can have a 3D Internet.

The Street threads the needle between all these worlds. It's the next step from scrolling a 2D page to strolling through 3D cyberspace.

The street consists of neighborhoods imagined by cryptoartists collaborating with VR developers. Neighborhoods have unique parcels you can own, where NFTs can be placed.

Have a Discord server?Invite the Webaverse bot.

Build a meme economy in your server. No setup required, everyone will have a Webaverse Ethereum address. Mint anything from images, 3D models, avatars, and more!

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We have enough interesting ingredients we can weave together into a cinematic universe that we all have shared ownership of.

Jin, CGO at Webaverse

On a mission to connect virtual worlds

Webaverse is an open source project to manifest the best version of the Metaverse. One which meets users where they are, requires no installs, and supports self expression to the max. We want to make the web fun again while enabling users to take back control of their data.

Sometime this decade a good pair of glasses will come out and forever change computing as we know it. The future is spatial, but it risks being owned by a small handful of companies. We want the future successor to the Internet and sum of all virtual worlds to evolve more like the web and less like an app store. Hence the name Webaverse. We aim to build something that‘s fun to use first.

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Webaverse is an open source project to manifest the best version of the Metaverse. We want to make the web fun again while enabling users to take back control of their data. We are looking for the smartest engineers in game-dev, web3 product design, and crypto to join us.

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The open metaverse is also a cultural phenomenon emerging in terms of coordination and alignment. There has to be compelling stories that can guide us all in the right direction.