BOOST your Discord community

Build a meme economy in your server with a CLI to Web3

VIRTUAL WORLD ECONOMY at your finger tips

There's no initial wallet setup required, everyone in the server will have an Ethereum address generated for them.

Bring your stuffs Across Servers

There’s no user setup required, anybody in the server the bot is invited to will have a Webaverse Ethereum address generated for them

Create and transfer Nfts with simple commands

Mint anything from images, 3D models, avatars, and more! The files automatically upload and pin to IPFS.

Create Trading Cards for Metaverse Nfts

Every NFT minted gets a trading card generated with randomized battle stats.

Webaverse Silk

SILK is a token that is used in Webaverse primarily to mint NFTs. It's main purpose is to invite others into the network and prevent spam so together we can build a web of trust as the Webaverse scales

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